This site shows Pebble watch face designs that I created in my spare time, and some other product ideas.

The watch faces are provided as-is, without any warranty. Use them at your own risk. If you like them and you want to support my work on them, consider using the Donation buttons on the respective pages.


p10n is short for prausedesign (as in i18n for internationalization) — so, for other works and ideas, you might want to look at if you are curious… 🙂


Kontakt / Contact

Please contact me at

DI Philipp Prause
Beckmanngasse 9a/19
1140 Wien

Information gemäß ECG


Big thanks to Paola, Stephan and Jan for being awesome models!

Photographs copyright: H. Jakich – thanks for taking these nice pictures!

Thanks to Chris Antonellis for his great JS tool FreezeFrame which I am using on the Pebble watchfaces pages.