Wearing my Pebble on my wrist

Pebble – an outstanding smart-watch

What is a smart watch?

Smart watches are the next big thing, I believe. Besides basic things like telling the time and date in the way you like it, they can show caller IDs, incoming text messages, the weather – or whatever fits on the screen. There are a few smart watches around, but I currently like the Pebble most because of its long battery runtime of about one week per charge (others run about 1-2 days). This is possible because of the Pebble’s e-ink display which consumes power only upon changes.

Why You need this 😉

Maybe you also like the Pebble, its features, and wide range of applications — and the option to wear a quite individual watch.

Or maybe you are thinking on behalf of your company: “A decent CI also includes a corporate watch face. Who wants to give away any more cheap plastic watches? We can do better!”

Why I need this 😉

I like this kind of projects, involving graphics design as well as programming. I am looking to create outstanding designs that take a new approach but are still useful.

I have just started implementing my first watch face, more will follow!

» See the watch faces I have designed so far (more to come!)