The Zooming Watch Face No.1

A watch face for your Pebble

A dynamically zooming (panning) watch face

This is my first watch face for the Pebble smart watch, and I called it Zoom1.

What I had in mind, and why the dial is not centered:

  • Analog watches are nice
  • Make it big – looks better, and ease (or: increase accuracy) reading the minutes
  • Think out of the box / create an unusual look

What it does:

  • Looks nice (I believe) 😉
  • Depending on current time, zooms in on an the minutes hand (well, to be precise, it’s actually panning).
  • Shows time, day of week and date (that’s a great feature, isn’t it?)

Where to get:

On your mobile phone (iPhone or Android phone), tap one of the below banners to launch the Pebble app and install the watchface:

<—- White | Black —>

Discussion / Feedback

I always appreciate some feedback — just drop me a message to, or vote and comment at mypebblefaces.

I am delighted that Zoom1 is now featured on PebbleReviews by Mark Reed,
and is among the first 10 in Best of Pebble October 2013 (and the best-placed pure-watchface app)!

Big thanks to everyone for the great feedback I have received so far (including a message from Eric Migicovsky — thanks Eric for bringing us this awesome smart watch!)